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Apr 29

Testing Out the Military Diet

3day-military-dietOkay!! Okay, I know you are saying WHAT you are doing a different meal plan than Beachbody and my answer is YES but it is only three days.
Since my knee injury I feel like I need to jump start my nutrition and I found this plan on the internet and thought..huh…I think I will try it out!
So, I started it on Monday!
I was hoping to lose a few pounds! Being hungry was something I was really nervous about it because I HATE to be hungry. 
But it was important to me to show my myself that I had the will power to complete it.
I found the program did work!! I lost 4 pounds in three days and actually didn’t think it was that bad!
The worst part for me was there was no snack after dinner. I know a lot of people don’t eat after dinner but I really like my cottage cheese for my snack (it helps me curve the sweet cravings).
One thing I did read was unless you had 20 pounds or more to lose your results will not be that extreme.
The program says you can lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days.I knew this was not reality for me but I was pretty proud of 4 pounds, plus I  hope it kicked my metabolism into gear again.

Now head to my Diet/Workout Page and check out some of the other diets I have tried!! 

Military Diet

It only takes three days on this Military Diet

*Also, I am not suggesting anyone use this form of diet. Use at your own risk and check with your doctor before starting any new diet. I did not create this diet and I am not taking any credit for it. I am just trying it out and sharing my results, which will vary from others.

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Apr 27

Healthy Tip #2- Eating Breakfast

What? You mean I need to eat BREAKFAST!!

I have never been a big breakfast eater until I started looking at my health and fitness and realized that eating Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day! There are so many benefits from starting your day off with a healthy Breakfast! Eating breakfast gives you energy and nutrients that will help you achieve the things you need to do for the day. Eating breakfast can also help you maintain a healthy body weight, have better concentration, less likely to eat junk food, give you energy, and is just overall a great way to start every day! Breakfast does not have to be complicated and a big deal but it should be a good balance of protein and good carbs.
Some great, easy, and healthy breakfast ideas are: 
whole wheat toast and egg
whole wheat toast with tsp. of peanut butter and 1/2 banana 
oatmeal with an egg
cottage cheese with fruit
Yogurt Parfait
Really Sky’s the limit just make sure to START eating BREAKFAST today! Enjoy! 

Healthy Tip #2-Breakfast is the Most important

Want More Healthy Tips? Checkout my Healthy Tips Page?

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Apr 25

Motivational Monday #9-Just Don’t Stop

 So, this weekend I had to spend on crutches!!! YES, crutches! Now, I am trying to stay very positive about my knee injury but it needs to start getting a little better because I want to just curl up and cry!!
Then I saw this quote and it hit home. I am not going to stop just because I am tired and it hurts. I am ONLY going to STOP when it is BETTER and I can start doing the things I love again!! 

Hope this quote helps others too, who are struggling a little and want to stop, please don’t STOP until you are DONE and have achieved the goals you are working so hard for! Hope everyone Enjoys their week!!

Motivational Quote #9 

 Don't stop until you are done!
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Apr 22

Hammer and Chisel Results!

Hammer and Chisel Results!

Well, as most of you know my husband, Jared and I have been doing the Beachbody program Hammer and Chisel!! Happy dance!! Wahoo!! It has been an AWESOME experience!!
Well… until I injured my knee and could not complete it but I did 50 out of the 60 days (so not too bad) BUT my husband is FINISHED!! His results are pretty incredible if you ask me! This has not been an easy road but it has been totally worth it for Jared to see the results he has. I know he is NOW a true believer in Beachbody programs and knows they really work!! I am so proud of him for sticking with it and not giving up, just because I could not finish! Way to go!! It really is an awesome program if you are looking to chisel up. I mean just look at his after pictures, can we just say hello abs! 🙂
Now, he is on to the new Beachbody program, 22 minutes of Hard Corps. (I am so jealous and wish I could start with him but I know I need to heal first and then game on)!

Starting  Hammer & Chisel                                                                                     After Hammer & Chisel                                                  

Check Out the Before pic of Hammer Chisel resultsCheck out my after Hammer Chisel results

CAN I JUST SAY AMAZING!!! Great Job babe! I am so PROUD of you for finishing your first Beachbody program all the way through!! Now on to your next adventure! 🙂

Want to see more diet/workouts? Check out my Diet/Workout Page!                             

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Apr 18

Motivational Mondays #8

Okay, so I LOVE this quote!! I have always been a true believer that you have to FIRST believe in yourself before you can do anything!! Really, think about it- how in the world can you do anything if you don’t believe you can do it. Duh.. you can’t and you WILL fail! I always tell my kiddos that if you say you can’t do something… you really can’t because you don’t believe you can and don’t trust yourself to try. SO, first step for everyone reading this today! Please Believe you CAN DO IT because I believe you can but you have to believe too!! Have a Fabulous Monday!
Motivational Quote #8
We must always believe in ourselves
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Apr 16

Healthy Tip #1- Benefits of drinking WATER

Did you know that drinking WATER is the key to any healthy lifestyle?? Here I am sharing a list of benefits of drinking water and why it is important.

Also, did you know that one of the most important things you can do for your body is to drink water? Water really is essential!! Really I am serious, it is really essential to your life! Whether you want to lose weight, be healthier, have more energy, and /or better skin.  Whatever your goal is, WATER is going to help you with that!!
In this post I have listed only a few reasons why you need to drink water. Some of the other important reasons that many don’t think about are: prevents joint pain and arthritis, improves productivity, prevent constipation, reduces the risk of cancer, and  healthier skin. Now I know water may be boring to drink but there are many ways you can spruce up your water into a refreshing beverage with all the benefits still there. 
Try adding some fruit: lemon, limes, strawberries, raspberries, or mix them up together. I love lemons and strawberries in my water! You can also add veggies: red peppers or cucumbers.
Just get creative and start drinking your water TODAY!! You will be amazed at how much your body with love you for it.
So, everyone REMEMBER to DRINK WATER!!

Healthy Tip #1 

Healthy Tip- water! Why you should drink it!!

 Want more Healthy Tips, check out my Diet/Workout/Tip page!

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Apr 11

Motivational Monday #7

So, I am definitely needing some Monday Motivation this morning. Having an injury is taking a lot out of me! I am not good at sitting still, resting, and icing my knee but I know that is what is needed, so I do it!! But now back to work and still waiting to see the doctor to see what he can do for me!! So, waiting is not my favorite thing to do but for now I need to be patient and hope he has some answers for me!! So, here’s to Monday and I hope you all ENJOY your week friends!
Motivational Quote #7

You have to try hard things

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Apr 9

Hammer and Chisel is ALMOST over!

Can I just say THANK GOODNESS we are almost DONE!!!
I am ready to complete the program and move on to a new one! Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed this program, well most the time but I like new and I like change, so I am ready for a new challenge!! That is why I LOVE Beachbody because we have so many programs to pick from, it is prefect for me, who likes change!!

We had 10 more days… then unfortunately for me injury happened! I am so devastated!! Injuries SUCK but they happen and they are not in your control, so it is very important you  listen to your body and take a break, if needed.

It’s OKAY (I have to keep telling myself this) I will heal and recover!! But honestly, I am Frustrated! It is important for me to remember my goals and where I want to be in the end! My injury will not last forever, so I can’t let it bring me down.
I AM going to continue with my program, Hammer and Chisel, I know you are asking how? Modifying of course. I will not be doing the leg portion of the workouts but I will Absolutely be doing all arms and ab workout and the best part I will be moving and trying my hardest!!
Never give up, RIGHT??
I am working on a fitter me and I can’t stop now but I can modify and listen to my body and that is exactly what I am going to do!!


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Apr 4

Motivational Monday #6

Oh Hell it is Monday again! And this is going to be such a crazy busy week at work that I need to definitely gather some strength and motivation to get through it. I LOVE my job being a teacher it is a very rewarding job but man sometimes it can be so very stressful and so much work that I really have to push through and get it done! But on the positive side there is ONLY 38 days until summer break!!! I can so do this, right?? Everyone enjoy their week and make sure to keep coming back every week for some motivation!! 

Motivational Quote #6

Never Stop until you are done

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Apr 3

Stuffed Green Peppers


Okay, so I am all about simple, healthy, and easy!! So, I love that my daughter’s favorite dinner is only 5 ingredients and an added BONUS is she knows how to make it all by herself! This girl loves to cook and bake and any chance she gets to learn, she is all about it and is so excited to finally be able to cook some of her favorite food all by herself. I love that she is so determined to learn and loves everything about it (besides cleaning up, haha!) I hope your family enjoys these stuffed green peppers as much as we all do! Enjoy! 

Serving: 6 people


6 green peppers
1 jar of organic spaghetti sauce
1 C cheese (we use shredded Colby & Monterey Jack Cheese)
2 C brown rice (we use Organic brown rice)
1 lb. ground turkey or beef

1. Get a big pot of water ready to boil green peppers, while waiting for the water to boil prep the green peppers. 

2. Wash the green peppers and cut off the top and clean out the seeds. 

3. Get a fry pan and start to cook the meat

4. When your water starts to boil add your peppers into the water and cook for about 10-12 minutes or until light green. 

5.  Once the meat is all brown, pour in the spaghetti sauce. 

6. Stir in the spaghetti sauce and cook your brown rice, we use microwaveable organic brown rice from Costco (it is delicious and so easy to make, cooks in 90 seconds).

7. Add your brown rice to the meat and sauce and stir, let simmer for about 5 minutes, then add cheese. Save a little cheese to put on the top of peppers. 

8. Get peppers out of the water, place them on plates to serve and stuff them with the mixture, remember the mixture will make 6 peppers, so divide evenly. Then garnish top of pepper with a little cheese. Serve warm and ENJOY! 


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