Mar 20

Easter Muddy Buddies

Okay I think by now you can tell I LOVE Muddy Buddies for all occasions! I love that I can make they fit into almost every holiday! They are seriously the BEST!! So, today I am excited to share with some very yummy Easter Muddy Buddies! They are so easy and so delicious and will make a great treat for your Easter celebrations.

Easy and delicious Easter Muddy Buddies

One fun thing about this Easter Muddy Buddies is the exciting candy that you CAN put into the mix!
But of course in my family we all like different candy, haha! So, I made one batch of Muddy Buddies and then added different candy into different cups and made everyone happy!!

Easter candy for everyone for Muddy Buddies


One batch of Easter Muddy Buddies

 Different ways to mix up Easter Muddy Buddies, so Fun!

One cup for everyone! 🙂
But if you can all agree it is much more fun and you can mix all the fun chocolately candy together to make one Delicious batch of Easter Muddy Buddies!

Scoop out some delicious Easter Muddy Buddies


To grab the recipe to Muddy Buddies head on over to Chex . Once your muddy buddies are ready then all you have to do is add your favorite Easter candy and Viola you are ready for your Easter celebration.

Enjoy this delicious Easter Muddy Buddies

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