Mar 10

Rainbow theme Party

I LOVE throwing parties for my kiddos!! They pick the theme and then it is go time!!
I might go a little crazy but I LOVE it!! It is so much fun to see the looks on their face when they see the finished look!
I would have to say this Rainbow Party was one of my VERY favorite parties we have had!! There is so much you can do for a RAINBOW theme party it is unbelievable!!
I am just sharing with you all today some fun and festive ideas for you SO you can THROW an AMAZING Rainbow Party TOO!!

Amazing Rainbow cake for you Rainbow Party

Rainbow cake covered in colored sprinkles!!

Rainbow themed Party

This was such a fun party! I really LOVED all the colors it was so bright and cheery! I used streamers in the colors of the rainbow for the background of the party table!

Inside of the awesome Rainbow Cake

The inside of the cake! AMAZING, RIGHT?

Rainbow Party Cupcake station

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? The Create your own Rainbow cupcake was a BIG hit!

Rainbow Fruit tray

Now, fruit in the color of the Rainbow! So fun!! Did I mention I LOVED this party! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rainbow party gift for the guests

Every guest deserves a gift, right? Well, these super cute Rainbow Sand bucket full of goodies, were a crowd favorite!! Plus, the colorful rainbow Pinta, every party needs a Pinta!

I am telling you if you can THROW a Rainbow Theme Party! They are so much fun and I love how colorful everything is! The kids will love it as much as you do, I promise!! ๐Ÿ™‚ It really was an AWESOME party!

An amazing Rainbow Theme Party so fun and colorful

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Giftbag for your baseball themed party

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